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Humax Wi-Fi Dongle password


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Thinking about getting Dongle for my 2000T. Have seen mentions of problems with password with too many characters.
My BT Hub password is 12 chars long, does anybody know if this is acceptable?


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Back at the end of 2014 I tried 63 characters on a HDR-2000T and then a month or so later an HD-FOX T2 and both were OK.
I doubt that the HDR-2000T's limit has been reduced from 63 characters. I haven't tried a password with spaces or characters that don't exist on the Humax's on-screen keyboard.

I can't remember the time out for how long the HDR-2000T gave you to enter the pasword but with the HD-FOX T2 on software 1.03.02 you had 3 minutes to enter the password. I believe it was less on the older software for the HD/HDR-FOX T2 but for the HDR-2000T I'd expect it to be 3 minutes as well until proved otherwise!

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You realise that's only 3 seconds per character (3 minutes / 63 characters) to find each by hunt-and-peck? I have a maximum length random string as my WiFi password, and couldn't set it up until custom firmware provided an easier interface!