Humaxcheck & Humaxrw needed - anyone help?


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Anyone know where I can download a copy of the programs humaxcheck humaxdiag and humaxrw from, urgently need them to try and recover the partition table for my disk.
I’ve searched the web and can no longer find them on any active web site

steve t

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Hi, new to the forum. Im in exactly the same boat, I cant seem to find any download sites for humaxcheck, humaxdiag, humaxrw. They seem to have expired. Will try to PM you Martin...

Darn it, wont let me PM till I've 10 posts.
Could you mail me?
With_Two_Flakes (at)

Steve t
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My HDD in my PVR-9300T has generated a fault, and am getting an unknown partitioning error when trying to use humaxrw.exe to retrieve the recordings.

Would it be possible for you to send me humaxcheck please? jpdurham (at)


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Martin, I read your kind offer to e-mail someone a copy of humaxcheck.

I would be grateful if you could do the same for me, as I have a poorly 9200.

People also mentioned they couldn't find humaxdiag and humaxrw - do you know of anywhere they can be found now?

My address is fffade [AT] sky [DOT] com .


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Has the question been ignored, or has it not been seen by someone who knows the answer?

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People seem to think it's OK to send copies around by email, or even provide a Dropbox link... what's stopping them putting the Dropbox link on the wiki? Those people must at least know that!