Hummy files initially not visible on dnla to Samsung smart TV/ not playable


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I've run decryption on most of the files on my fox hdr t2 and all are available on my PC to view and play using VLC.
The same cannot be said of my new(ish) Samsung smart TV- the hummy did not even appear as a DNLA server.

I have tried Mediatomb on the hummy which at least brings the view of the files on the hummy, but then I'm stuck with just mpeg files on the Samsung as a playable option. So, it seems I need some form of .ts player for the Samsung???
I don't want to spend hours converting to mpeg or have the storage space to have .ts and .mpeg files on the hummy or my NAS. Trawling the Samsung apps there doesn't seem any obvious multi- file player....

Any thoughts on how to solve this please?
There is no way around a network player's file compatibility list - the quick way to check whether a file is compatible in principle is to put it on a USB drive and plug it directly into the TV. If you were to convert the .ts to .mpg (there is an option for that in the Custom Firmware), they would still be playable on the HDR-FOX (albeit without some of the facilities for bookmarking etc) so there would be no imperative to keep the original .ts.

The obvious answer is to plug the HDR-FOX directly into the TV by HDMI, but if they are not co-located the best way of sharing 'FOX content over a home network is to use another HDR-FOX or HD-FOX as a player. Some people here use a Raspberry Pi as a player, and the same can be done with a cheap Android tablet.
Thanks for the replies-!
Black Hole- unfortunately I want to keep the hummy connected to the main TV, but I could look at just mpg and of course I'll try a usb'd file but I'm not holding up much hope after looking at the Samsung apps list- it would be great if VLC was available!
af123- thanks for looking at a possible solution- I'm sure there will be lots of others out there who would like a fix! I'll have a full read of your link but on first scan it looks perfect...
The same cannot be said of my new(ish) Samsung smart TV- the hummy did not even appear as a DNLA server.
I have a four year old Samsung and the Humax appears in the source options. Have you checked that content sharing is on in the Humax ?
Yes- that's all fine for PC's/laptops but only for the TV if I have mediatomb installed and running (TV is only a few months old).

Update... as a noob to this I just checked mediatomb operation on a laptop and the .ts gets converted on the fly and dumps a .ts-1.mpeg file in the (firefox) downloads folder ready for a media player to play. This took several minutes to achieve and whilst OK on the laptop for storage, not sure this would be available locally on the TV. Maybe this operation is why the Samsung isn't delivering the playing of the file? Or is waiting for the file to be created?
Back on the TV, with media tomb running the files can be seen and 'opened' but just the first frame appears as a still; no difference after 10 minutes and I had to navigate back to normal transmission.
I also found a support list here of the (limited) file types supported here
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