Hummy resetting itself occasionally

Hi all

Over the last couple of weeks, on a couple of occasions I've gone to watch tv and found that my Hummy is sitting at the first setup screen waiting for me to select a language before going into the first time setup.

I'm sure I've seen mention of this problem before but not managed to find anything despite searching, any thoughts on what causes this to happen?

Any help much appreciated!
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This is what we call a random factory reset, and we don't know what causes them.

With CF installed it is easy to recover your recording schedule from the last WebIF auto-backup, but it is less convenient to run the initial tuning.


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I've had this before. It was suggested to me that it was caused by a corrupt database in the flash memory. The fix is to select the option to restore to factory defaults without formatting the HDD. As it is believed to be a flash memory problem, formatting the hard drive is unnecessary (if you have any HDD problems, install the custom firmware and run fix-disk instead).
After restoring to factory defaults you will get the wizard again and have to set up the unit from scratch.
There is no known way of preventing the occasional 'wizard' but, whenever it happens to me, I always reset to factory defaults to reduce the likelihood of it doing it again in the near future.