Identifying Decrypted/Non-Decrypted Recordings in the SUI Media List

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It would be nice to be able to see on the SUI media list (when browsing file shares from other 'FOXes) whether a recording has been decrypted and is therefore playable (instead of just trying it and succeeding or failing). This will be valid even in these halcyon days of near-instant decryption: the recording may be in the process of decryption, and if it is a recording on a HD-FOX only manual decryption is available anyway.

It seems to me there may be several ways of going about this:
  • sweeper could be programmed to add a flag to the media list title (assuming it can detect the decryption state as a condition), but this would only be valid after sweeper has run on its 20-minute intervals;

  • auto-decryption could add a flag to the media list title;

  • auto-decryption could put an icon in the thumbnail graphic for the recording.
I like the third idea, but it has some drawbacks. It would be easy to copy a stock graphic to the thumbnail file, but this would suppress the Humax's native thumbnail extraction. We could extract our own thumbnail, then overlay a marker on it (eg a star in the top right corner), but this would be compute-intensive (this would not interfere with custom thumbnails - they are only available with a decrypted file anyway).
sweeper rule:

!flag Encrypted action {settitle {* %orig}}

...or should that be "!flag ODEncrypted"? Is the ODE flag actual encryption, and Encrypted is actually the Enc flag?
Yes, a bit of forum googling confirms it should be the ODEncrypted flag. It would be useful if the wiki page for sweeper had an explanation of the flags, or a cross reference to an explanation in a page for the hmt utility.

I was considering the opposite approach: set a "*" on undecrypted files then clear it when the file is decrypted, but I can't think of a way to achieve this without an edit function - I presume a prefix would become part of %orig on subsequent runs. However, the whole sweeper approach is a bit of a problem, because by the time it runs the file will have been decrypted anyway.
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I'm a bit surprised this has received no reaction - does nobody else think this is a good idea? Having thought it through, I think it is a task for the decryption process itself to set an optional visual flag of some kind.
The easiest solution that I can think of is to write a recmon module which is triggered when a recording completes and tweaks the media display name (such as prepending a *). Then have a sweeper rule later which takes it away if the ODEncrypted flag isn't there. Might require a search/replace sweeper action adding.
Successful test of the first part:

humax# hmt Escape\ to\ the\ Country_20150429_1607. | grep Title
Title:Escape to the Country
ITitle:Escape to the Country
humax# ir STOP OK
humax# sleep 10
humax# hmt Escape\ to\ the\ Country_20150429_1607. | grep Title
Title:* Escape to the Country
ITitle:* Escape to the Country

I've put this script onto the disk as /mod/etc/recmon.d/aa_setencflag:


source /mod/webif/lib/setup
require ts.class

set file [lindex $argv 0]
set ts [ts fetch "$file.ts"]

if {[$ts flag ODEncrypted] && [string index [$ts get title] 0] ne "*"} {
   $ts settitle [concat "*" [$ts get title]]

and made it executable chmod +x /mod/etc/recmon.d/aa_setencflag.

The name was chosen to be alphabetically first. Recmon actually runs all jobs in parallel but starts them in alphabetic order so being first gives a slight advantage.
Would it be possible to have this configurable on/off? I only autodecrypt a few folders, and don't particularly like the idea of any folders that don't get decrypted forever having a * at the start of the titles. Perhaps only folders that are destined to be decrypted could have this feature, but a global on/off would be nice too as to be honest I'm not really keen on the idea anyway.

Maybe this would be the intention as simply a package that you could install or not, but thought I'd throw in my two-penneth!
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Absolutely. Very much an opt-in rather than an opt-out!

af123 is just providing mechanisms that will get the job done, whether you use them is your choice.
Sweeper can now handle removing the * from the beginning of the title once decryption is complete with a rule like this:

!flag ODEncrypted title {\* *} action {settitle "%orig%replace:* ::"}
The new bit is the %replace:<search>:<replace>: token. The separator ( : here) can be any single character so
!flag ODEncrypted title {\* *} action {settitle "%orig%replace!* !!"}
would be just as good.