install mc?


How can I install midnight commander? mc, I tried with opkg install and also downloaded the rpm but it doesnt appear to install. thanks
The packages available for the Custom Firmware have all been either specifically written for, compiled for, or at the very least checked for compatibility with, the Humax operating system, if this hasn't been done, I don't think you should expect it to 'just work'
ok I see but is there any file manager that you know will work from the command line. I like mc, I used it a lot on centos and mint, im looking for an easy way to move around files other than the web interface which appears to be slow when cut and paste. I cant move files from the humax remote because when I try to move from one drive to another it only copies not move, thanks
Move is the default when the source and destination drives are the same, so I'm guessing you want to Move to / from the internal HDD to a USB HDD, I don't know of a command line file manager package, but the SHell / BASH commands are very powerful, so command line users would use 'mv' to relocate files
What is a command line file manager? I thought file managers are naturally GUI (even if the "graphical" is actually simulated using an ASCII character array)??

OK, got it now... mc is an example of the latter, using the console as a pseudo-graphical window.

My answer would be to use FTP - typical FTP clients provide a two-pane GUI, and if you find one that does FXP the data need not pass through the client.