Instant recording - programme end clipped


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When I record on the fly using the red record button I find that the recording stops a few minutes before the actual end of the programme.

I only tend to record like this on BBC4 (standard def) as I seem to catch interesting programmes on that channel just before I go to bed! Therefore I can't confirm that it occurs with other channels.

It's happened consistently for the last five times I've recording this way, so it's not a one-off timing error by the broadcaster. Interestingly it only seems to have started after the February firmware update.

I know I could do a manual recording and set the stop time myself but that wouldn't allow me to start at the beginning of the buffer, which is what I do once I've decided the programme is worth recording.

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon? I don't think there's a workaround but I'd be interested to know whether it's a bug generated by the firmware update or a fault on my machine.
I believe I read recently that instant recordings do not have any padding applied, nor do they use AR.

That doesn't necessarily explain it, but it might be the reason?
If you press record once after a programme has started it only records to the end of the scheduled time, with no padding or AR. If you press record again you get extra options. Each press of the right arrow button (next to OK) increases the recording time by ten minutes.

Edit. It does the above with a live instant recording. I haven't checked that this also works with a time shift buffer recording.
Once it's finished copying from the buffer it's the same thing. You can press the record button on the channel being instant recorded at any time and increase or decrease the end time in 10min blocks with right/left key presses.

I've never tried pressing the record button again while the copy is ongoing though.
If you press record once after a programme has started it only records to the end of the scheduled time, with no padding or AR.
It dosn't always do that for me. It records up to the end of the scheduled time for the programme which according to the schedule is going to be broadasting in 9 (or 10?) minutes time.

If the programme is nearing its end this means that the next programme is also recorded as part of the same recording.
Yes, the behaviour reported in previous posts only applies if the current programme is not near the end. I don't know where the boundary is.
Thanks for the replies. I wasn't aware of the second key press option so that will no doubt cure my problem.