Intermittent Power failure


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I have a Humax Fox T2 500gb still under Humax warranty. I have an intermittent power problem. On three occasions the box has died whilst watching a recording. It appears that the power has failed. I then try switching power on and off using switch on rear of box and at the wall switch but with no effect. But interestingly/luckily when I try again 24 - 48 hours later the box comes back to life.

Looks like a power failure in the box but Humax support tell me that I need to reformat the HDD and 'see what happens' before they will think about replacing the box. I cannot see how the hard dtive could cause a power failure but I am stuck with the instructions from Humax Support.

Has anyone else had same problem and did reformating the internal drive fix the problem?

If I do a reformat I am concrened about the recordings on the box. I know I can copy these onto an external hard drive but can I copy them back onto the box after the reformat?

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Yes you can copy them back after the reformat.

Humax support always go through standard routines of factory reset and disk format regardless. I see no likelihood they will improve anything. If you are going to end up sending it back you will need to rescue any precious recordings anyway, see Things Every... (click) section 5.