Internet radio on Portal, missing radio stations


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How come I can't find these South African (RSA) radio stations Highveld stereo 94.7
Jacaranda FM 94.2

Both are huge Joburg based stations and on other internet radio devices (Denon) but not listed on the humax?

Search did nothing is there a way to get them, why are these missing? how do I contact at Humax so they can get their act together? I'm English but they are better than anything we have outside radio 4
If they're not there, they're not there. If they are simple to add to the list, you could petition Humax.
well I wrote I hope they can add them to future upgrades

Hi Humax,

Is it possible you could look to add more stations to the internet radio parts of your devices please.

I was using a friends Denon product and many I expected to find worked great but are missing on my Humax products.

I was particularly looking for some RSA (South African) stations that are available on internet radio, but not on my Humax products I could not find a single station listed for South Africa that I recognised. Certainly two huge stations run out of the Capital city Johannesburg are not available on my HD Fox T2

Highveld stereo 94.7
Jacaranda FM 94.2 Total audience of 2.2 million with 28% of market share