Internet Radio / YouTube menu navigation



I've had my HDR Fox T2 for just over a week and am still getting used to the way it works, so forgive me if this is "finger trouble", but the following seem to be problems with the way the Portal software works (I have 1.02.29, with no custom software loaded).

1. When I was looking for Internet Radio stations in the east coast USA (NY State), I was able to navigate down via the numerous menu levels for continent, country, state, city, etc, to get a list of stations in the area I was interested in. However, I found it impossible to navigate back up the menu structure, as when I clicked the "UP" icon at the top of the list the exact same page reloaded and the only way out was to hit the Portal or exit button and start all over again.

2. On using YouTube its possible to search for a particular topic and be presented with the search results list. However, on playing one of these items you get left with a list of 'similar' videos which is quite different from the original search results. I couldn't find how to go back to the original search results list. Hitting the back button goes back the the search input screen, and you have to perform the search again from scratch. My TV, a Panasonic, also has YouTube and it retains the original search results list.

Am I missing something or doing it wrong, or are these examples of 'normal' behaviour?

Apart from these niggles I am quite pleased with the Hummy and once I get more comfortable with it I plan to give the custom software a try.

Many thanks,

EDIT - just tried the above again and the internet radio now seems to be behaving as I would have expected, so not sure why I had problems earlier, but the YouTube behaviour is the same.
The "Back" button works to retreat up the menus on Internet Radio, but I can't find anything better on YouTube. If you repeat the search, of course your previous search term is there and doesn't need re-entering.

These are just the way they are I'm afraid.
Hi Black Hole,

The internet radio seems to be behaving now. The software must have got itself in a twist for a while. I certainly tried a couple of times with the same results, but a day or two later it was behaving.

All noted on the YouTube behaviour. Its just a shame that you have to do the same search over and over. Just as well the search term is remembered!