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When I first got my box it would not recognize my valid postcode but it did scan and find a load of stations ( but not our local versions (ITV west etc). Is this a fault ?



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Have you tried putting in a nearby postcode that the Hummy recognises as valid. You only need one in your area.


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Yes, tried several postcodes - none recognised.
The problem is very very likely to be a dish alignment issue. The freesat epg along with quite a lot of the lesser channels comes from Eutelsat28A at 28.5E rather than the SES birds at 28.2E. Getting both requires some alignment comprimises.

Open the manual tune option in your menus, select the box that says transponders All and scroll till you find 11427 (11428 on some boxes) H. Post the signal strength and quality you get indicated.
I wanted to reply to all the discussions I have read re Invalid Postcode having spent 4 hours of my Sunday on it. Monday morning dawns with new hope of resolving issue. It started on Sunday when I decided to do a factory refresh. At that point humax didn't seem able to find satellite but I continued regardless. Got the invalid postcode issue at least 25 times. Tried everything spaces, no spaces, work postcode you name it. At some point I fixed the line in aerial which was not seated properly. Tried again but still getting invalid postcode. Monday morning dawns I read all the forums about aerial not pointing in correct direction, interference etc etc. In my heart i felt moving aerial was over the top. It had been working well. decided to try from the beginning with factory refresh again. This time it found the satellite!! No invalid postcode went straight through. I am a very happy person again. So lesson is. If it doesn't find satellite at beginning of factory refresh. Investigate that first. Then try factory reset again.
I like yourself have the same problem and I have been tearing my hair out!
However I have a Media practically full of things I want to watch later.
Think I'm right in thinking that a factory would remove all of them.
Not sure but it sounds feasible.
Any thoughts please.


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Have you done what GLT suggested re. "Open the manual tune option in your menus, select the box that says transponders All and scroll till you find 11427 (11428 on some boxes) H."?
Factory reset does not affect your existing recordings on a Humax satellite pvr, it will delete your recording schedule and reset any changes to default settings. Before you try do check you have the home transponder. On a Foxsat you you can use the freesat info channel on lcn 999. You cannot do this on a freetime box as it's not in the epg.
Thank you both. Not too sure what I have done but I did try transporter clicked on All and got a lot of stations but with 4 figures and all over
the place. Did not know about 11427. Should I try the transporter again and try those two you mentioned. There is obviously a info channel somewhere perhaps you can explain this to me so that I can try it out.
Thanks again


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There isn't two, just one. But it seems that some boxes list it as 1127H and others 1128H. It's the same 'channel'.
Just try to switch to channel 999 on your remote control (if you can get that far). What do you get? 999 is the Freesat info channel. You should get a picture with the freesat logo and with the text 'freesat Information Service, Press (Red) on your remote control to enter'. Don't press Red, just press the "i" button on your RC, that will give you the strength and quality readings that you are after.
If you can't get ch 999, that's why the box does not accept your postcode, which I assume is your problem as that's what this thread is about. Re-read GLT's post #4.

PS It's 'Transponder' not 'Transporter'
Just switched on TV and Humax and I can get on settings edit and system but the other one for retune is not high lighted so no joy..
Sorry to be so dense. Something Ive done.


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Sorry, got the numbers wrong . It should be 11427H 27500 2/3.
On your remote, 1. press Meu. 2. Scroll down to the satellite dish. 3. Scroll to Manual Tune. 4. Select Manual Tune. 5. Scroll to Transponder. 6. Make sure that it is set to All. 7. A list of transponders should appear. 8. Scroll down the list to highlight the transponder 11427H 27500 2/3. 9.Press OK. You should now have two bars at the bottom of the screen. The upper one is Strength and the lower one is Quality. (Mine is 70% and 90% so my dish could possibly do with a tiny tweak to improve the Quality reading)
If you can't get to here, please let us know at what of my numbers you get stuck.
What are these two readings on your box?
If they are both blank or really low (especially Quality) you seem to have a dish alignment problem or a duff LNB.
Sorry everyone but I still cant get on to Set Up to try your suggestions. Still not high lighted for me to access. Any suggestions please to what
I might have done. It usually is my fault. Only excuse is I'm 90!
Hi William, maybe it is not called a factory reset - perhaps factory retune?? Anyway whatever comes up I did and kept all my programmes, nothing was lost on the hard drive. I suggest switching everything off then on again and re-trying. I do not believe it is anything to do with the way dishes are pointing it is a glitch in the software. I will try and look later and see what the actual wording was to help you. regards
Ian, I do not believe that the issue is transponders, aerials etc. I believe it is a software issue. Try turning everything off for a few minutes then try again, sometimes the simplest things work. Almost like a reboot which often sorts out the strangest of problems.
Thank you Laura appreciated. Re dishes. I have two other recorders connected to my dish and they are both fine. Mind you they are both Eurostar!
However no problems before with the Humax.
At the moment I cant get into set up on the menu so Im outside clearing up the storm damage still from the gales." It never rains but it pours" That seems apt!


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Eurostar is a train.
How far can you get in my instructions?
What is stopping you getting to setup?
What channels can you get on your other boxes? Are they sky boxes?
The most common fault for not getting the postcode is that the dish is not correctly aligned to the freesat home bird.
If the OP can get as far as the postcode bit but it won't accept it, surely he is already in the setup menu.


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OK, OK. Most remiss of me to ask. The angle that I was coming from was, is his dish pointing 28.5-28,2E?
As the Humax has been working, then a factory reset sounds OK, but my guess would still be the dish is off in the recent high winds. It appears that he can't do a 'factory retune' whatever that is because he can't get the postcode to be recognised. :( But what do I know?