iOS7... and iOS9

Says one advocate of the auto-update package : )
(you can turn it off, don't worry)

I don't like the new look and feel of iOS7 and I've had it on my 'phone since the beta came out. Keep hoping I will get used to it but it really does look like something my children designed! Some odd decisions too, for example the unlock keypad is now much larger and the buttons light up when you press them making it significantly easier for someone else nearby to see your passcode! There's also little consistency between the icons - feels like at least two groups were involved in the design.

It's early days yet but Apple rarely make significant changes based on user complaints..
With a few exceptions it all looks like change for change sake and eye candy to me. Swiping between open apps and swipe access to the control panel look interesting. Simulated parallax is of no interest whatsoever!

The difference between iOS auto updating apps and the CF auto-update is that the CF works (usually) and doesn't decide it won't play.
I've heard rumours that Apple have pretty much copied some of the Android features:frantic:

Why not bung Android on and "skin" it to look like iOS? They could save themselves a lot of development expense and salvage their rapidly vanishing profits. (Down to only 37.5% last quarter.)

PS The notification dropdown was a shameless rip-off of Android. Are they going to copy customisable launchers and keyboards, and introduce widgets next? Scrollable folders with more than 16 objects in? Choice of default browser and email app? I could go on...
Development costs are not factored into the production cost per unit.

Dev costs from iOS6 to iOS7: copy a few Android features, and avoid patent infringements! :p

Anyway, development costs are minimal compared with the number of units sold and the profit per unit, and all manufacturers have development costs, but not all take such a big profit.
iOS7 weirdness (I'm using 7.1, but I have verified it on 7.1.2):

Double click the home button to get the preview tiles (whatever they're called). Sometimes the WiFi and battery status (top left and top right) symbols are present, sometimes not. If they are present, rotate the screen orientation - the status symbols rotate to be at the top of the screen, but the remainder of the screen elements do not (background, preview tiles, app icons).

Take some video in landscape mode, and then in portrait mode. In Photos, with the screen in landscape mode select the landscape video and it fills the screen. Swipe to the portrait mode video and it is in a pillar box, but too narrow. Rotate the screen to portrait and it expands - but remains too narrow. Now swipe back to the landscape video, it is displayed in a letter box but not tall enough. Rotate to landscape, and it expands but remains too short. Rotate to portrait and then swipe to the portrait mode video, and it fills the screen. Rotate to landscape and swipe to the landscape video, and again it fills the screen.

Weird or what!

Update: I have now figured out that the video is actually recorded in wide-screen 16:9, whereas the iPad screen is more like 4:3. The "narrow" versions with black (or white according to preference) bars at top/bottom (landscape) or left/right (portrait) is actually correct, with the display that does not show bars being a zoomed-in version. Still weird the way it switches between full-frame (unzoomed) and full-screen (zoomed) though!
iOS really does my head in sometimes. I'm used to the idea that it will always (or usually) try to replace "ill" with "I'll" and "wed" with "we'd"... but today it replaced a comma with an exclamation mark when I hit space!
I have had some very weird texts from my wife. And #1 daughter. (iOS)

I like being able to type a few letters and get a long word auto-completed, but the cost is that sometimes, when a word has several suffixes, you need to type the whole word before you get the correct word, and that isn't always the default, either. (Talking Android, here, with Swiftkey.)

Daughter #1 just bought a 5S. I was surprised Siri was not available on the 4. How difficult would that have been to include retrospectively? Google have had their version on most of the range for a few years. So, fragmentation rules on both platforms. :(
Today I typed ..." yesterday, when " and watched amazed as iOS changed it to " yesterday when "!!
I submitted this:
I can't use the screen keyboard without auto-correct because I get too many typing mistakes. On the other hand, auto-correct is far too impulsive - making replacements even when what it is correcting is a properly-spelt English word. For example, type "wed" and I always get "we'd", type "ill" and I always get "I'll".

Sometimes it alters punctuation. Today I typed "yesterday, when" and saw it replaced with "yesterday when" (I would not have believed it if I had not seen it happen).

Why does auto-correct do these things? Why is there no user access to its dictionary?