Is it possible to record from an IPTV box?

Rob Ward

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Hello all you knowledgeable people!!

I have the Foxsat HDR. Been brilliant, however, living in Southern Spain, we have now lost a lot of the chanells due to the recent satellite change.
I now have to use an IPTV box which is OK, but has no record facility.
I was wondering, is there a way to connect the IPTV box to the Hummy, so I can record chanells on that??

Many thanks in advance



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In common with proper pvrs the Foxsat can only record from it's internal tuners (it lacks the required analog to digital converters). DVD recorders including ones with a hard disc are capable of recording an external input. Once you have a digital recording you can upload these to the Foxsat using Raydons AV2HDR. If you have a smartdns/vpn you can download BBC iplayer content to your PC and using Raydons AV2HDR upload them to the Foxsat. If you install the free custom firmware for the Foxsat you can transfer these directly to your Foxsat.

Rob Ward

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Hi Graham
Thanks for the info.
Seems like I am out of luck then, as I didnt really want yet another box stuck under the TV.
Thanks again