Is it possible to view and set recordings from epg


hi I just wondered if the above was possible anD if someone could point me in the right direction please, I would like to view the epg on my iPhone and just press a button to record to record a program



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Scheduling one off and series recordings is a basic function of the EPG pages of the webif.

On the Settings page there is an option 'Mobile link on main page?' which I have never tried to use myself


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Click on any program name in EPG view to get program details popup window with record buttons

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Sorry, but it seems rather obvious that you should click on a listed programme to bring up options for that programme.

Having clicked "record", you need to check whether the response is "successfully scheduled" or "successfully queued". If the latter, you will need a system reboot before the recording is scheduled.

The difference lies in whether you have turned on RTS in WebIF >> Settings >> Advanced Settings.