Is the Aura the new HDR-FOX T2?


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One solution to that problem would be to use the money you saved by buying the smallest capacity PVR and buy a cheap NAS. Then copy the recordings off the box to the NAS where you can control the file structure. Admittedly not a great solution if you mainly record in HD although it is possible to restore deleted recordings to the Aura they were made on.
Our Aura is SWMBO's box. For the most part she'd just like her films to all be in a folder, not strewn along a 100+ items list. There is no way she could/would want to go down technical routes like that.
It's a bit sad as the only real reason to drop the FOX boxes was the atrocious subtitle handling. If Humax hadn't fluffed that we'd still be using them.

The other (Freesat) box is our shared/'my' box and is mainly watch and delete, like you.
I'd like a folder on that for (eg) films, but I find streaming services are filling a lot of that space for me now, so the absence of that option is actually driving me away from broadcast TV. I'm not sure if that is the intention of Freesat/Freeview, so can't say if their plan is working :dunno:. (I'm paying for ad-free on streaming, so that should annoy the 'Free...' advertisers :p )

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The main problem with any free to air PVR these days for me is there is less and less worth watching. I resent the streaming services keeping things only for streaming. I'm still waiting for The Expanse seasons 5 and 6 to be released on Blu Ray, but I suspect now that it will never happen.

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...but not the point. The Aura might be the only game in town currently, and it has a fan-boy, but does it do what we want it to do? The answer appears to be "no".