Is this a read-only problem?


Since July 6th, one of the HDR Fox T2's hasn't recorded anything, even though there are programmes on the recording schedule, there's a red circle on the EPG, and the activity log shows them as having recorded. This isn't a case of a 'normal' failed recording - i.e a zero-length programme showing up on the media list - there isn't anything at all on the media list after July 6th.. As a test, I recorded something live (by pressing the red Record button. According to the EPG, it's recording - but there's no corresponding entry on the media list. Otherwise, everything works as normal - EPG, playback, live TV, WebIf, etc.

I'm guessing the system has put the disk into read-only mode - if so, is this a case for fix-disk?


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One might think having one or more read-only disk partitions (filesystems) might be something the WebIf ought to display to the user as an alert, in a similar manner to the SMART generated ones.

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Thanks - presumably fix-disk will attempt to leave my existing recordings intact? (sorry for the dumb question!)
Yes, that's why it's called "fixdisk" not "let's reformat it and wipe everything like the Humax menu would".

Soooo many people are overly wary of fixdisk when it has an exceptional track record. We've got to put it out there in lights: fixdisk is benign. Some members of the forum run it regularly, as a matter of course.
  • fixdisk runs a file system check to repair inconsistencies in the data structure. Use it at the first sign of trouble, before the structure becomes so out-of-sync it can no longer be reconstructed and files are lost. (Inconsistencies occur when power failures or crashes interrupt updates to the data structure - AKA "file system". Within limits, there is redundancy in the structure which allows for reconstruction... provided inconsistencies are not permitted to build up.)

  • fixdisk accesses the built-in HDD diagnostics/repair for correction of temporary or permanent disk sector faults reported in the SMART stats (WebIF >> Diagnostics >> Disk Diagnostics >> Current_Pending_Sector). Where possible, data is recovered by ECC and retries, and if the sector fails further tests it is swapped out from the pool of spare sectors (until the pool runs out, by which time the HDD should have been replaced).
Early intervention is vital unless you don't care about your data.
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