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Graham Haughs

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Hi ,
I have just installed a Humax 1010s to replace my Sky box and have discovered as have others I have seen on the forum that I do not have access to ITV player on demand nor the regional STV player as I stay in Scotland. I have seen the recommendations that I change to an English post code but the question is that if I do this will I still be able to customise BBC and STV to get the regional programs and news for the area? Also is there any indication that this situation is likely to be resolved if there is a will to resolve it. I also have a Now tv box which has access to ITV player which is another option on one Television but it would be preferable to have the complete package from Freesat.
Customise channels is only available for BBC channels (these are all in the epg anyway). Can only suggest you investigate what you get by using borders postcodes.
I do not have access to ITV player on demand nor the regional STV player
ITV Player is on 903, but not regional. You can also scroll left in the Guide.

In the settings menu, scroll right to the second screen (freesat channels) to change the BBC customizable channels. I am in the UK but can change to BBC One Scotland on Channel 101.
Thanks to both for response to my query and apologies for delay in replying. It tends to go against the grain to change the post code to create a "work around" and would hope that Freesat at some time in the future will accommodate this. The scroll back is a good option and I also have access to Now TV on another HDMI port so can access ITV on demand by this route. Many thanks again.