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Anyone know if it is possible to run a karaoke player on the HDR T2 ?
My daughter has some CD+G discs and rather than stack another player under the tele it'd be neater to rip them to the Hummy HD and play from there.
I guess it depends what output format you 'rip' it to. The audio is obviously natively .wav off the CD and the graphics get extracted from the subcode. You would presumably need to output some sort of video+audio format, preferably mp4 with supported codecs.
There would quite a few hurdles to overcome to get karaoke 'words' to appear on the Humax, they would be :-

1) get hold of a computer / Laptop CD player that can read and extract CD+G files (a lot don't do this)
2) get hold of a program that will extract the file and save either a WAV+G or MP3+G file e.g. Audiograbber
3) convert the WAV+G or MP3+G file into an avi file that the Humax will play e.g. Power CDG To AVI Converter

NOTE:- I have not done this, I don't have any CD+G disks
Thanks for the pointers guys. I hadn't thought of that approach. I was thinking whether it was possible to get a Linux application running on the Hummy - such as PYKaraoke.

I don't have the knowledge and skills to attempt to get an app running but can experiment with the file conversion. Will post my results.