Lack of smb connection - I'm slowly going nuts here


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Since zapping my HDR and starting over, i've been trying to get it to mount a file share from my mac as it used to do.

I've tried ifs - this used to work fine - can't get it to fly now and i've no idea why.


I've gone back to smb, first trying with apples out-of-the-box offering in osx mavericks. No joy. Seems the version apple use isn't compatible with much more than itself (thanks apple).


I found SMBUp which installs the samba we all know and love - except I can seem to get this to work either!!

Hummy says:

Code: is on-line - attempting to mount MINIMAC_SMB
mount -t cifs // /media/MINIMAC_SMB -o user=Parents,password=xxxx,domain=WORKGROUP,unc=\\\MEDIA

SAMBA says:

Code: ( connect to service MEDIA initially as user parents (uid=501, gid=20) (pid 2994)
getpeername failed. Error was Invalid argument
read_socket_with_timeout: client read error = Invalid argument. ( closed connection to service MEDIA

Can anyone reading this help?


To clarify... you are trying to access material held on the Mac from the HDR-FOX as a file share?

You need NFS for that, not SMB. The easy way to do this is to use the network-shares-automount package, see info HERE (click).