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Barry Jarvis

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I have an ancient 17 inch portable that still works well. I've just purchased a Motorhome which has 240v plug points for when hooked up to the mains when on site. When not on site power is through cigar lighter type points and 12v. The TV is 12v and has a transformer inline on the power lead. Can you get a direct lead anywhere without the transformer with a cigar lighter plug one end and the four pronged plug into the TV on the other? I've tried humax directly and they said they don't have spares for the Tv's any more. Cheers Barry

Black Hole

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Post a photo of your existing "four pronged plug" - that will give us a clue what you're talking about. However, if it has four pins I imagine there are more connections to the transformer than just 0 and 12V - which would mean a simple lead to an automotive aux port is out of the question.


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It doesn't, seeing as you can't transform DC.
Barry was describing the mains' version and saying he wants one like that but without the transformer and with a cigar lighter plug instead of the mains plug. :)

It would look something like this
or perhaps like this

Or am I the one who misread this?
There appears to be more choice the more I look
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However, if it has four pins I imagine there are more connections to the transformer than just 0 and 12V
From one of the pics in Luke's links they use two pins for each pole (+ & -). I imagine it's to spread the load as it is likely several amps.
I've combined multiple pins on D-connectors in the past to spread the load of power supply.

Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
Be aware there is no absolute guarantee any of these suggested items is suitable. There is a chance it will be OK, but also a risk it may fry something. If it were me, I would (at the very least) try to compare the voltages at the pins with the voltages on the pins of the original before testing it on the TV itself.


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The best thing you can do to a Humax telly is fry it. They were bl@@dy awful things.