libfan possible hiccup


I was poking around trying to see how the fan package worked (can't locate the source yet) and spotted a potential issue: is sucked into humaxtv via an LD_PRELOAD, but udhcpc and tinyftp also end up using it. I imagine this might indicate they are started up (indirectly?) by humaxtv itself.
Depending on how does its magic, I would worry that having three copies of it loaded in separate processes might be a problem. However, this is mostly guesswork on my part so somebody who knows what they're doing will hopefully now chip in :thumbsup:


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You're right - udhcpc and tinyftp are started by humaxtv and therefore inherit the preloaded library.
It isn't a problem though as the library only overloads a function in which is not used by the children.

If you're using custom firmware, I'd recommend disabling the built-in FTP server and installing the betaftp package. tinyftp is a partial FTP implementation with lots of bugs (it crashes a lot).


Ah, OK, good stuff. I wondered if it was using its initialisation to do stuff but thinking about it, that would make no sense (you could have just parked it in its own process then).
And yes, I have noticed that the ftp server is buggy - I've been lazy and always accessed it with Firefox & Windows Explorer (despite Filezilla being recommended) and both of those seem to cause it to hang at the least provocation...
Betaftp's name had caused me to hesitate though! :)