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Life after HDR-Fox T2 with custom firmware?

My HDR-Fox T2 is showing signs of needing to be retired (regular crashes etc), so I was wondering what paths other people had taken when moving on from the T2 with custom firmware. The main features that I'd like to retain are:
- access to features from a web browser (mainly setting up and managing recordings)
- ability to copy HD recordings to a portable device or laptop for offline viewing
- ad skipping.
I had the Vbox recommended to me on here a while ago, which ticks a couple of the boxes, but I was wondering if there were better options out there? Youview would also be nice, but not essential.


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I have no plans to move on yet and have built up enough spare HDR-Fox T2's and parts to keep me going for the foreseeable! I do also have plans to have a proper look at the some of the main options like the Vbox, HD Homerun, Kodi and Enigma based receivers but have yet to get around it...