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I have just retired my 9200T's and am cleaning out the PC of files.

Running Linux based PC's I have always used the Linux tools for the 9200T - the humaxGui I found several years ago and has served me well, particularly with the patches added by Paul Rombouts for v1.02 which worked on PGXTF 1.0.23 firmware.


As I can only find the original v1.0 source online, so I am adding the v1.02 files and patches here for posterity- (Due to upload restrictions on file extensions - remove the .txt extension from each file after downloading).

Please feel free to move the files to a more appropriate place:

Humax Media Controller GUI source

Andrew Smith's HumaxGui is an alternative to the Humax Media ELinker supplied with the Humax 9200t PVR. The application allows the user to transfer images and mp3 to/from the PVR and transfer video files from the PVR. Unfortunately, development of HumaxGui seems to have stalled after 2006.

This directory contains the source code for a modified version of HumaxGui. The code has been partially rewritten by me with the aim to clean it up and fix a number of bugs, but no new features have been added.

I have tested this version of HumaxGui on Ubuntu Linux 9.10 and 10.04. I recommend using the last version of Ubuntu because it appears to give the best performance. Although it was my intention to preserve portability, so far this version has not been tested on other platforms such as Windows or Mac OS. If it turns out I have broken Windows compatibility, please do not email me unless you know how to fix it yourself.

Here are the instructions for compiling HumaxGui on Ubuntu (which should also work for Debian):

* Make sure the basic development tools are installed such as the GNU C++ compiler, make etc.
* Install the following packages using apt-get or synaptic:
o libqt4-core
o libqt4-gui
o libqt4-dev
o qt4-qmake
o libusb-0.1-4
o libusb-dev
* Make sure you have the correct version of qmake installed; running "qmake -v" should give something like this:
QMake version 2.x
Using Qt version 4.x in /usr/lib
* Unpack the source package using tar -xzf path_to_tarball
* cd into the humaxgui source directory.
* Run "qmake".
* Run "make".
* Connect your PC and PVR with a USB cable.
* Run "sudo ./humaxGui" from the current directory.


Paul A. Rombouts

Last revised: 21 May 2010


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