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Hi All!

Todays challenge....I am accessing the 0.ts file from my networked android Kodi box (18.4 on a Vero4k)
I can locate the 0.ts file but after 20 seconds or so it rewinds itself back to the beginning.
On my Mac I have the same version of Kodi and no problems.....I can access recorded stuff on both no problems...just the live TV bit is a problem.
So is it a Humax thing or Kodi?

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It's a Humax thing. 0.ts is a circular buffer, so reading the file from the start picks up the buffered received data from somewhere unlikely to be the beginning, and the "end of file" will be the last received data. Changing channel might reset it so the start of the file coincides with when you changed channel, and then you can have up to 2 hours before it loops around again.

You're fortunate - on HDR-FOX, 0.ts is encrypted.

IMO the best solution is either the live streamed Internet services, or a networked TV tuner box (a more recent innovation).


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Thanks for speedy reply....never watched more than 1 hr of live tv so never tried out the reset unto 2hrs.

Thing is on my Mac I can watch the live tv fine...just not on my Android box (Vero4k)

What is this live 'streamed internet services?'

Still loving my customised FOXSAT-HDR though......