Loads of 'corrupted' packages during webif install

Paul Connell

New Member
I just flashed the lastest firmware to the humax, that went fine (2.16) and the webif interface showed up in a browser, but immediately showed "jim" was MD5 corrupted. I F5d and it was the same. I downloaded jim from the packages onto USB and installed it that way, until the next package, and the next.

After a while I rebooted the humax and now all I get is a directory listing and 'install' directory is not there. I can telnet in and opkg update but that makes no difference. opkg on telnet cli works for a bit then hits another corrupted file.

Going around in circles here, any ideas? I've read through FAQs/Wikis and found nothing relevant.
It's a bit difficult to advise without knowing what firmware was on the Humax before you flashed 2.16, the custom firmware needs to reside on top of compatible 'official' firmware, take a look at the Upgrade path on the WiKi HERE, If you don't have your Humax connected to the internet (which is the easiest way of installing packages) remember to use the Bundle packages (HERE) for USB installation, they have all the other dependant packages required for correct installation
Sorry. It was stock .28 I believe. This is the first time I've tried to do this on this box. Some of the opk files downloaded and installed, some didn't due to md5 errors.

I looked at the link and downloaded "reset-webif". I installed reset and rebooted and, with my router set to allow full access to the humax (it was a content filtered ip before, although that shouldn't have made much of a difference) I can now get the web interface.

Thanks for the help.