Resolved logon email change



When I try to change my email address on my 'Contact details' page, I get the message
"Email addresses must be unique. The specified email address is already in use."
So, where is it in use? Ah, I see naughty me, it seems that I have two accounts.
Can an admin please PM me so that we can get this sorted out as I don't want to publish my two emails here.
But if it's any help. I'm 'trev' and 'tjt2512'

EDIT: And just to confuse things even more, when I try to logon as trev, it logs me on to tjt2512, i think. What a mess. Pleas help me to sort it.
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Further to my EDIT. No it doesn't, I've managed to logon as trev now. Please any PMs to trev