Looking for replacement front


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While I've had my HDR-FOX T2 for a long time now, I love the customised firmware and all it adds (credit to all you guys who created it), I've currently got one problem with my unit.

The front (text) display has stopped working completely, the ring and the buttons still work fine. Now I know its not really of much use (apart from when patching new firmware you get messages and of course displaying the channel number). I've checked the circuit board visually and nothing seems to have fallen out or been fried, etc.

Is there any change anyone has a working front from an otherwise dead HDR-FOX T2 or could point me on where to get one? I don't really want to buy a complete used PVR if possible as postage in UK is damn expensive.

Alternatively if anyone knows a possible easy fix to this feel free to advise me.

p.s. The unit is a one with horizontal tuner arrangement, if that makes any difference.

One from the DTR-T1000 can also be used. The circuit board and display can detached from the black panel so you can retain your current black panel.
I'd look on ebay for one that is OK but scratched, with no remote, and perhaps no harddrive I.e. an otherwise faulty box. SOmetimes they go so cheap that the postage doesn't become a concern for the extra that you don't need.

Currently there is a front panel being sold by itself where the seller says that there is still some brightness in the display.

While you are at it you could remove the orange filter at the same time as fitting to make the display really bright.

I take it that your current display is truly kaput and not just very dim?
Thanks, I'll look into the DTR-T1000 front too.
And yes, the whole display is not working at all although the ring light/button and other buttons do work fine. I just hope its the front circuitry and not something on the main board that's gone.