Loss of HD channels


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Well, I now found out thatplugging in just an ordinary flat aerial worked whilst my roof aerial was not. I know the aerial is good and spot on orientated so could it be the cable from the wall to the t2?
It could be the cable or a badly made joint or a kink in the cable or a faulty masthead amplifier or splitter or ...?


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Suspect the cable from the wall socket to the aerial, especially where it comes out of the wall and runs up to the aerial itself. Is the the wall-to-T2 cable detachable? If so, put it in the flat aerial-T2 connection to test.

The connection at the aerial may have degraded, or the cable in, or especially out of, the wall may have become porous to damp, or someone have drilled through it (or similar).


This issue is a regular problem from sutton.
It's caused by the frequency in use and marginally low power transmitted.
If your recieved power indicated is 10% or more below that of other channels
this will be your issue. It is worsened by growing flora/trees etc but usually not weather/rain.
If you have trees between you and sutton at the right height the issue probably will go away
in winter and return in summer. This began about at the last mux removal (56?)
You may find an amplifier doesn't help much.

Improving your aerial connections and perhaps moving the HDMI cable as suggested
is always a good idea regardless.

If you get this it will probably come and go no matter what you do though.
I was hoping their mast issue would fix it but it didnt seem to although I havn't had
the issue here for 2 months now.
A quick cold reset can cure it until it resurfaces.


Just an FYI

The whole of Mux 55 has been unwatchable in parts of birmingham all week.
They are either working on it and causing the problem - there is a serious fault somewhere,
or they have wound the power right down or there is ongoing
massive interference.
Whatever the cause - I have never seen it quite this bad.