Loss of HDMI signal from Humax to AV amp

I have my HDR-Fox T2 connected to an Onkyo TX-NR515 amp via HDMI. I frequently find that, when I switch to the Humax HDMI source on the amp, I get no audio or video, despite the Humax being active. I usually need to power cycle the amp to get the signal from the Humax back.
Has anyone else had this problem? (I'm running custom firmware v3.12 build 3965)

Black Hole

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This is most likely an HDCP negotiation issue. Rebooting either end re-establishes the link. For more info see Glossary (click).

You could try using the Toslink for audio with the HDMI to the TV, or routing the audio via the TV.

Ian Manning

That's annoying - I don't havc a spare HDMI slot on the telly. For some reason my old Foxsat-HDR didn't have any of these problems.

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Same here until I took an axe to the T2 and bought Panasonic instead. I have an Onkyo amp, but the signal from the T2 vanished when sent to other destinations, too.