Lost HD Mpx.


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For reasons best known to myself, I retuned my T2 today and promptly lost the BBCB (HD) mpx. After a lot of fiddling about (technical term), I found the it was trying to tune the BBCB mpx (Ch 22) at 'T' and not 'T2'. Of course, once I set it to T2, it tuned the mpx channels no prob exept that they ended up in the 800s. I just wonder why this happened. Before I started this madness, I had renumbered the channels putting BBC1 HD on Ch 1 and BBC ordinair on Ch 101, etc., etc.
Would this have caused the 'problem' and put the newly tuned HD channels in the 800s leaving Ch 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 'not there?
Or is it something else?


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Yes, because the 100s where they would normally go were occupied by your SD channels.