Lost settings

Chris Ames

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Hello all, my elderly HDR has decided to lose its settings overnight twice now. It was set to go into standby, which I have disabled for the time being. Are things like tuning and scheduled events stored on the hard disk, battery backed storage or somewhere else? I'm just wondering what needs replacing, preferably not the HDR
Tuning and scheduled events are stored in flash memory. Losing settings overnight is something that happens to all of us on occasion and we have never been able to determine why. One thing that seems to help is doing a system flush which reformats the flash memory completely. This is done by loading a special firmware update file which can be downloaded from our wiki at https://wiki.hummy.tv/wiki/Firmware_Downloads
I managed to find time a couple of months ago to run the system flush, then set everything back up - this seems to have sorted things out. Thanks for the advice.
There is also a boot-settings package to automatically set parameters at boot up time in case the humax forgets them

Occasional amnesia seems to be a feechur of Humax's and fortunately doesn't seem to indicate impending demise
Losing settings overnight is something that happens to all of us on occasion
I know I am answering an old post but I am pretty confident that it has never happened to our box. I wonder if that is coincidence or because we only make very light use of custom firmware.
The only events I recall are content share switching itself off, and the installation wizard resetting the whole lot (very rare). I can't imagine CF has anything to do with it.