Lost signal on ITV/4/5 - Factory reset before rescan??

A few years ago when I moved into my current home my old pvr didn't have much luck finding channels in a rescan - I was told to do a factory reset, and then a rescan. Sure enough somehow this then found much a stronger signal than before.

Recently (since digital switchovers I'm assuming) I've practically lost ITV, Channel 4 and five (though not ITV HD or 4HD) on my lounge TV, using the HDR-Fox T2.
Rescanning doesn't help, and I'm wondering if it would help to factory reset the box first?

Most importantly I want to check that factory reset won't delete all my recordings?

The signal did go about the same time as I changed the way my aerial cable ran to the telly, but I've run a new cable and it's just ass bad, so I think it must have been the requests that have come on screen about rescanning for channels.
A default reset does not delete recordings just tuning information, timers and preference settings.

Before you do a reset please answer the following questions.

Did you do an autoscan?

Have you any channels above/including 800? Presence of these channels indicaes reception from more than one transmitter. The Humax does not put the strongest signal in the normal channel numbers so your channel 3 (ITV) Channel 4 etc may be being received from a lower-powered transmitter.

Yes I've autoscanned and yes there are duplicates in the 800s but not of 3 or 4!!
(Edit - ITV, 4 and 5 were there, but just not in order!)
Well I just did a factory reset and now I have all the channels I wanted, with amazingly strong signals! Wish I tried that this morning, before I relaid a whole section of my aerial wiring! I thought it must have been me pinching a cable and damaging it or something, because the rescans that have been forced upon us recently have happened at the same time as me relocating some cabling around my house!
ITV has gone from 21% signal strength and 20-40% quality, to 60% strength and 100% quality!

Annoying that an autoscan doesn't actually reset all the things a factory reset does

Ezra Pound

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Well I just did a factory reset and now I have all the channels I wanted, with amazingly strong signals!
Now you have a good set of signals it is worth noting down the channel numbers from your Humax so that if there is another re-scan / auto-re-scan of channels you can re enter them back into the Humax. Goto Menu >> Settings >> System >> Signal Detection >> Click Right Arrow, you should now have a list of 6 Channel numbers in a grey box. these are the numbers to be 'jotted down'
I was out working and the wife said that BBC channels had become scrambled - so I just got back in late and did another factory reset, now BBC channels have come back to life and ITV 4 and 5 have gone again!!!! WTF It's like they are on opposing frequencies, if one is tuned in the other is tuned out and vice-versa!

OK, went and found the frequencies from the repeated versions of ITV, 4, 5 etc in the 800's!! Now going to manually tune them!
Cheers Martin, Ezra.
Following the link showed my nearest transmitters, the most local I ignored (as I assumed these were the ones being added at the beginning of my channel list (ie the channel that gives me a bad 3, 4 and 5)
I chose the other string one that was listed and added those one by one - I now have all the channels back, and importantly I know how to restore them properly when I need to. Thanks!
Interestingly it shows a retune event on 17th October (Thereabouts was when I started to have trouble with lost channels), and lists a couple more retune events using different channels on a couple of future dates. Very handy site.

My parents Tv has recently lost channels too (They have a HDR-Fox t2 also) and were contemplating freesat - I'll fix theirs up tomorrow too!