Manhattan T4-R

So as my Fox T2 sadly died un an unrecoverable way a few months ago and I've struggled on with inadequate Sony hard drive recording which has been terrible compared to the function I amused to. The Aura sounded problematic and wasn't around much either, so today I have just now ordered a Manhattan T4-R as they finally came into stock at Currys.

I'll probably be one of the first to have one I guess as delivery is early next week. I'm sure there will be others getting them in due course.

I'm hoping this thread can be used for any uncertainties, queries and problems we may run into. Problem shared is problem halved and all that. Cheers.
"I'm sure there will be others getting them in due course."

Only those who want fewer tuners than an Aura.
"I'm sure there will be others getting them in due course."

Only those who want fewer tuners than an Aura.
For sure. But the same as on the Fox T2 and I have no need for more. And the Manhattan is more likely to be supported properly and without so many quirks.
For sure. But the same as on the Fox T2 and I have no need for more. And the Manhattan is more likely to be supported properly and without so many quirks.
Hopefully the T4-R will be supported better than the T3-R was.
Let us know how you get on with it
So the significant feedback on the T4-R I have to give is I have returned it. I haven't though excluded buying it again further down the line after it's evolved. I didn't want to get stuck with a box that just wasn't quite enough for me to live with if it didn't evolve.

There were a number of annoyances, some more challenging than others but the deal breaker for me was the picture quality was subtly but significantly less than on my TV tuner. I do have a high end Sony OLED so my TV tuner should be good, but my old Fox T2 picture was better than from the T4-R. It outputs at 4k by default and the picture has soft focus effects especially on motion. Changing the output to 1080p or 1080i to match Freeview broadcast HD is better but it still looks/feels like low bitrate video with simple panning motion. The grass on football is not right and smears. It looks great when static. For live pause (one of my main reasons for wanting to replace the Fox T2) to be useful you have to be watching on the HDR full-time, and I can't face doing that on the T4-R.

Other than PQ:
It initially didn't start recording at the scheduled times properly, though this improved over the 2 weeks use.

It can be slow to respond to the remote at times.

The time bar for playback or live pause lacks time clarity e.g. how far behind live you are.

When browsing the guide, the guide moves behind a stationary cursor instead of the cursor moving across the guide and that really doesn't work for me at all

The TV guide search function is not in the guide but in the home screen which is annoying.

The information bar at the bottom of the screen is too dark and too high obstructing too much of the screen and stays on during FF and RW so you can't see where the programme is up to very well. The options to make menus more translucent do not impact the information bar which is opaque until the very top then grades itself a little.

Having been a Fox T2 user the way to select a programme to record (press record not OK) is frustrating but you would adapt to.

It just doesn't feel premium like the Fox T2 did. E.g general appearance , speed of response, no inset video in the TV guide.

My views and others may differ, but I hope that helps.
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I've been making do with direct recording to HDD from my TV since the T2 died. It's far from ideal but in a world of catch up TV I'm not missing lots especially as the kids are now older and live pausing isn't quite so necessary. It's the live pause I miss most though.

So I'll sit tight for now (again), I've sent a review to Manhattan. I don't see buying a really old used T2 is going to work out well or I'd have done it immediately the T2 died. I did look.
Considering we know all about fixing this kind of thing, I would put my money here:

I guess you already have a remote to use with it.

There's not much point spending more on a "working" unit when it is actually in unknown condition, but you could take a punt on this:

The listing implies it's fully working, so if you check it thoroughly on receipt you can reject it for full refund if it isn't.

HDR-FOX Commissioning, Disassembly, Repair (click)

A trick with eBay is to look for misidentified items or listings with spelling mistakes. If a HDR-FOX T2 is listed as (for example) HDR-FX T2, it will not appear in searches for HDR-FOX and therefore not many people will spot it and be competing for it.

As a last resort I have a few carcasses knocking about and could probably provide a unit – but that comes with a warning of round tuits.
Thanks as always BH. I've been looking too and already chatting with your second link which looks visually positive.

There's a proper expensive but eBay refurbished model too here:

As my very first Humax PVR was Grade 'A' Humax direct model it tempts.
Ex-display? Perhaps it's worth the money, but it seems unlikely that "refurbished" counts for anything other than a rub over with a duster, and it certainly isn't eBay doing the refurbishing!

If money is no object then the year's warranty might be useful, but you will need to nail that down because there is no recourse through eBay after (IIRC) 30 days.
So I finally bought a replacement T2 from eBay which I clearly should have done in the beginnning. For £45 + delivery I've got a one previous careful owner box. Looks mint, the warranty sticker has clearly never been moved to it must still be on its original HDD - which is remarkable and suggests not much power on time compared to age

I've spent a week using it on original firmware with no issues and I'm just installing the custom firmware and web If. Clearly you were right as usual BH. Just can't know how much life it will have but we'll see.

Web if is up, disc power on hours shows as 20354. Just need to get my package settings back to what they used to be, especially Tunefix. Wish I had a photo of what I did with those!

Also need to decrypt my old drive and change it over now. I guess I'm best off still doing that offline and there isn't a clever way to use the CF on the new box to do it?
which is remarkable and suggests not much power on time compared to age
Not that remarkable, I bought a T2 soon after they came out and it was only ever powered off for a few minutes rarely and viewed and recording daily for many years, it still has the original HDD and works still as well as the day I bought it without ever having any hardware issues. The box is pristine though the remote looks like it survived 2 world wars. It is semi retired now since buying an Aura but I am loath to part with it.
You don't and they don't. At least not on anything vaguely modern.

E852B3E0-D285-4F2C-87E1-5B6BED960974.jpeg EB272B86-F833-4EF1-82B4-21035A8CC76A.jpeg AC76A2A5-8AA1-4CFD-8DDB-A8FBEDF090B1.jpeg

Either you're wrong, or the ST3500312CS doesn't meet your criteria for being "vaguely modern".

1 year is 8766 hours, and all three of these machines have been running much longer that that (with only brief interruptions). If I were to search back through other occasions I have published my disk stats I'm sure I would find that these numbers have definitely wrapped around.

The one with 24k reported on the clock is my original from 2010. ( 24k + 65k ) / 9k ≈︎ 10 years (but it should be longer than that, I think). 65536 hours = 7½ years. Perhaps the wrap is 32768... 3*32768 + 24362 = 13.99 years!!