Media Copy options


As an inadvertant learning experience while trying to access a particular recording copied to USB HDD by the HDR, I discovered that it was formatted (by the HDR) with 256b inodes, which initially gave me some issues with mounting it. I reformatted it on my PC with 128b inodes and it's fine as far as both the HDR and other systems are now concerned. 'Backwards compatability'!

Anyway, I noticed, as a consequence of the reformatting, something I originally noticed when I formatted it with the Humax. Although I wondered at the time what it was, I didn't investigate then and the Humax reverted to showing the TV channel.

What I saw was an 'additional' Copy icon after the Video, Photo, Music icons on the Media page it displayed. This time I selected it and it had 4 options: Copy V,P & M 'Automatically', and one each for V,P & M. to copy 'Manually'. Of course while I was thinking about what this meant, it reverted again (having presumably chosen a default itself). Subsequently. this icon no longer appears if you select Media (yellow) button on the appropriate screen.

Will someone enlighten me on what these options do, and why you only seem to get 'one shot' at doing anything about them? Thanks.
Might as well answer my own question then ...

Plugged the same disc into the other USB port today and up popped the Copy Icon again. So quickly following through on the menu, I selected Video+Manual, and it then led me to a series of menus by which I could 'manually' select which files/folders to copy FROM the USB disc TO the wherever I wanted to put them on the HDD.

So, I infer that when the T2 sees a 'new' disc you are given a set of Copy options to allow you (effectively) to import (i.e. copy back) files from that USB drive onto the HDD. There are 3 Media+Manual options, one each for Video, Photo, and Music, and the Automatic option (for all three), I guess, simply copies everything in each media type to the corresponding media type onto the HDD.

I would need to delete something in the USB 'archive' from the HDD first to see if it did that 'automatically', as previously when this has happened to
me, the originals were still on the HDD, and so I wouldn't have noticed if they had been overwritten, or if it has some 'smarts' and doesn't put back what's already there. Possibly the latter as I never noticed any background *copying either.
Further thoughts ...

Not entirely sure what the criteria are for this prompt to appear - the Linux experts here may be able to make more sense of it with their better understanding of what is going on 'under the hood' .... but it seems to me that:
a) a particular physical 'drive' (probably partition) seen for the first time on a given USB port gives rise to a 'new' Copy option
b) subsequently it seems to recognise that this combination has occured before, and doesn't prompt again when it is connected
c) Unless the drive is reformatted, in which case something about the partition is given a new unique id which makes the T2 see it as a new drive again.
Oh, that's what you're talking about. Yes, I remember seeing an "autoplay" set of options come up when plugging in a USB stick, but it never crossed my mind that it only offers the options once.