Media Tomb won't display mp3 files under Video section


Hi All,

I have a folder in the video section which is set so that for each .ts file that is recorded here, the audio is extracted automatically and the mp3 (actually mp2) is left. Media Tomb (and the HDR Fox T2's own DLNA) server only seemes to show .ts movie files under the folders. It won't show the remaining mp3 files. And so I have to copy the files manually to the audio section for them to be displayed.

Is there any work around for this for either DLNA server?

Thanks in advance

Not for DLNA... why not install samba and access them directly?

It might be possible to configure sweeper to move them automatically.
ooooo, what's sweeper - not heard of that?

And to confirm, there is no way to change the mask / filters for DLNA as to what you can see in the Video and Audio sections?


Find it in the Wiki or as a topic title (the search box at top right can be restricted to titles).

No you can't change the way native DLNA works, although you might have more luck with Mediatomb.