Mediatomb and two Foxsat HDRs



I have two Foxsats a 320GB and a 500GB. It recently become useful to enable the upnp client Mediatomb on both machines. I worked out how to change the broadcasted name from just "Mediatomb" to something more useful i.e. "Foxsat320" and Foxsat500". However my windows 7 pc will only see one at a time. In fact in the the network window every few minutes it flicks from being the 320 to the 500, then later back again.
Does anyone know how to get two HDRs to be treat as separate upnp clients?


Not often I say this, but sometimes I can actually impress myself...
Began to suspect having used windows Notepad to edit the name in the config.xml was the problem. Maybe Notepad didn't save the file correctly. So found Notepad++, a proper xml editor. Set about reinstalling Mediatomb and redoing the names. Then I spotted in both config files the uuid numbers were identical. Not knowing much about them I figured what the heck and change the last digit on the 320 config file to 1 higher and what do you know, it worked.
The two machines are now seen as separate servers.
(I explained my breakthrough to my wife fishing for a compliment, or at least a pat on the head. Just got the look...)
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Editing a Linux file from Windows is never good - the two operating systems have different conventions for end-of-line codes.