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I'm new to the Forum having just bought a HDR-FOX T2. Apologies if this has already been covered but I did a search and found nothing. I would like to know whether there is any way to reduce menu font size. on a large-ish HD screen the menu items are enormous. Would be far better if this could be adjusted so that much more information was displayed in each page. My firmware version is 1.03.06. Thanks
Hi PSOK, Welcome to the forum, unfortunately the rather abrupt answer above is correct, event if it was possible to make the text smaller, it wouldn't necessarily reconfigure the screen to use the space better. If you are prepared to install the Custom Firmware you can view screens like the Electronic Programme Guide on a computer instead, there are some examples HERE
I was in a hurry. I did intend to update the above to say you would have to delve into the very early topics in the forum listing to find where it has already been discussed and a solution dismissed as impossible or at least very improbable.
thanks guys. Disappointing. I guess I'm too uninformed to understand why it is impossible. Surely all the information that is required must be accessible. I don't understand how the customization works other than that I note that it works WITH existing firmware. is it that there is only so much you can do within the limits of Humax's own firmware. In which case could pressure be put on them. Indeed is there a forum for new ideas/requests to them?
As you say the Custom Firmware works alongside the Official Firmware and doesn't change how it works. Getting a response from Humax is sometimes difficult and getting them to change something is next to impossible, Emails are sometimes answered initially but usually without answering your question and follow-up questions are usually not answered at all. Telephoning them is better, but obviously only when an answer can be given immediately, I think it's fair to say very little in the software area has been changed due to customer request. We don't have any contacts with Humax so a 'Things we would like Humax to do" thread would only be discussion between us and wouldn't get acted upon by Humax
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Back OT: Possible reason answer/excuse for Humax not doing the changeable font, etc. :- "Humax makes moderately priced boxes for the average consumer. If you can afford a TV big enough for this to be a problem you can obviously afford a more expensive box that does what you want."
Actually, the user interface in PlayTV on the PS3 is resolution sensitive and automatically adjusts font size and number of items displayed to suit the screen being used - including when you use 'remote play' on the PSP.
PlayTV's UI is a thing of beauty - unfortunately its basic functionality as a PVR is somewhat lacking. :(
Shame, it was a very good concept.