Missing HD channels


Hi guys,

My Fox T2 with custom firmware died at the start of the week so I decided to get refurbished 4000T.

I'm really missing the custom firmware...... it made a huge difference.

With the 4000T I've noticed I don't receive a few channels, BBC NEWS HD and 4SEVEN HD to name a few.

I'm about 1 mile from Crystal Palace transmitter and never had any issues like this before with any equipment.

I tried auto scanning a few times then manual scanning then resetting back to default settings tried scanning again but still not picking up those HD channels.

I tried recording a few channels to make sure all 3 are working which they are so I'm staying to think maybe my refurbished box had issues.

Also cannot believe the schedules disappear when you rescan....... you would have thought they would look at the custom firmware to get ideas.

Any ideas on the missing channels guys?

Thanks in advance.

I found a kink in the coax that was hidden, replaced it and all ok.

Appreciate you trying to help tho Trev.
Kinky coax eh. That's a new spin on kinky boots is it?
Pleased it's resolved though.
If coax (or anything really) has a kink in it, then it's kinky isn't it?:eek:
Have you got a tracker on my PC spying on what websites I frequent then CK?:frantic: