MP4Box - MP4 Stream Editor

Black Hole

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I grabbed a video off YouTube (ends up as a .mp4 file using the HDR-FOX CF "save last streamed" function). The trouble is that it has something wrong with the pixel aspect ratio setting, so a wide-screen recording is squashed into a 4:3 frame.

I have used a utility called "VOB Patcher" to resolve this kind of thing before, but this is not compatible with MP4 streams, so I looked around for something similar and came up with MP4Box:

Download page:
GUI page:

I confess to not having used it, I quickly realised it would be easier (for a one-off job) to just load the video into my editor and adjust it that way (a 1-hour unattended render) than to learn how to use MP4Box, but it might be useful to somebody.