Music Playlists - anyone got them working?

oijonesey SEO Guru
I've got a Buffalo Linkstation dlna certified NAS on my network and is visible from the Hummy. I can access video media without any problems and also can play mp3's using the music player function, but only from one album/folder at a time.

The Hummy does show playlists as an option when you are using the music player function but I can't seem to get one set up very easily - in particular across different albums/folders. I tried creating one in Media Player (in various formats) and saving the file on my NAS but the Hummy still doesn't see them in the Music player menus - even when I go into the Playlist folder on my NAS (which is dlna certified in case that would make a difference).

Has anyone experimented with this? Is there a method for doing this that anyone can share please?

Many thanks, Jonesey
OK some progress. No luck with WMP (I can get the playlists listed by the Hummy but they only show the first song in the list. However I have just created a playlist in VLC and saved it as an M3U type in a Playlist folder I created on the NAS. It has two songs on it which are from different folders on the NAS. I can see this playlist on the Hummy so there it is - you can do multi folder music playlists on the Hummy.

I don't find VLC great to use to create playlists but at least I now know it can be done and what format the Hummy can use - all I need to do is try some more Media programs to see which one is best for doing the playlist building.