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My hummy died, how do I stop hummy RS emails?

Keith Hartley

New Member
I was signed up for Remote Scheduling but my hummy has died and I'd like to stop the emails telling me that I have failed recordings.

Apologies if I have missed the answer in the forums.

Keith Hartley

New Member
Died? How?

You may be able to get help with techniques for resurrection if you provide more info on the symptoms
Failing that there will probably be users willing to take an old unit for repair or spares
Sadly the unit has a power supply problem I think. Is there a market in supplying a new PSU? That opens a new avenue, I assumed that I'd lost the unit.

Black Hole

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Number 28
There is a little known function that all browsers have called favorites/bookmarks!
However, if you are as well organised as me :rolleyes:, you have multiple links to the same place, some dead, all badly filed in a list that extends over three columns - so I feel MymsMan's pain. :D


This is what my notes say I did:

Stop firefox eating ram and going slowwwwwwww


browser.tabs.remote.autostart false
dom.ipc.processCount  1


Prevent accessibility services from accessing your browser
I do use chrome now and then, but its password security is abysmal

Don't use microsoft browsers by principle, they have a habit fo giving the appearence of security whilst giving little in reality.
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