NAS mount Speed issues


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I'm running Raydon's custom firmware (V4.1.2) on my FoxSat and have installed the NAS mount plugin (V2.0). I've been coping recordings from my FoxSat to my Synology NAS for a while now, getting around 4MB/s which is fine. However recently this speed has dropped off completely to around 200KB/s! I suspect it's NAS related as I updated the firmware on it but can't be sure it coincided with the slow down in file transfers but want to check the experiences of others.

The FoxSat is connected to the NAS via a gigabit network. When I started to notice that files were taking longer to download I tried the following. Connected my laptop to the same cabled network and use an ftp client to download the same recording. I managed to get speeds around 5MB/s, so faster than the Foxsat to NAS. I then copied that recording to my NAS from my laptop and got speeds of over 14MB/s (I have an issue with the gigabit socket on my MBP so can only connect at 100Mb/s).

So it seems to be something in the way the FoxSat or NAS manages the file transfer speed between the two as it starts off at around 4MB/s then drops off as seen in the screen shot of the NAS below


Any thoughts?


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Nothing has changed on the HDR so I would suspect the NAS. I would reflash your NAS firmware to previous version then retest transfer speed. If it's OK then you have your answer. Then you must ask yourself "What was gained with updated NAS firmware that's worth the drop in speed ?".