Network keeps disconnecting


My 4000T has suddenly started disconnecting and reconnecting the network. It's variable but quite frequent, it drops and then quickly reconnects. There doesn't appear to be a problem with any other device in the house using wifi. You can see the message come up while watching live TV, recording and even while using iplayer (which obviously then stops the playing and you get an error message).

While over the years it may have dropped the connection once in a while (nothing to get excited about), I think last Thurs eve it suddenly started doing it a lot and is still doing it.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Good idea but no joy. After reboot it reconnected but within 5mins it's disconnected twice more.
do you have an app on your PC or phone where you can check wifi signal strength? I have a similar problem with my PC, and it seems neighbours come on at critical times and their wifi signal manages to swamp mine. I'm going to have to complain to Virgin about how rubbish their router is anyway as it keeps dropping the cable connection, which is another problem i have.