Network Shares Automount requirements


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The requirements for the 'Network Shares Automount' package is a little unclear…

I installed the package setup a sharepoint & configured the [modsettings] folder, but I didn't realise that the mount would appear in the 'USB' section of the media selection menu.

It seems others have encountered this (since I found the solution in this post by blackhole ).

Another option is to use the virtualdisks2 package. This should be mentioned in the wiki…

Something along the lines of…

Shares are mounted within the USB section of the Media selection menu. A USB disk is required to browse the shared directory unless you use the virtualdisks2 package to create a virtual USB disk.

I tried editing the wiki page, but it's restricted (I understand why). Please can someone with access commit the change?

Thx for the neat software.


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paranoidandroid said:
I installed the package setup a sharepoint & configured the [modsettings] folder, but I didn't realise that the mount would appear in the 'USB' section of the media selection menu.
If you select the option 'ShareFolder=on' the mount will appear under the 'My Video' folder of a HDR-Fox within the folder [Shares] DO NOT DELETE, rather than as a USB drive. The square brackets are to prevent file operations on the share by the local machine. As the warning suggests, deleting this folder is not a good idea (although it is quite easy to do) as it will delete all files within the share. Top level deletion is not possible when the share is set up as a USB drive.

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Are you saying that deleting the My Video/[Shares] folder on the Humax will delete the files held on the remote computer / Laptop / NAS device? If so I think I need to add a warning note to the WiKi

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That is exactly what has been found in the past, one member did it twice! For the paper trail see the network shares automount forum topic.


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Thank you both for confirming how this works and editing the wiki.

I think I'll stick with virtualdisk2 and the USB mount point, I thought the 'shared folder' option also added it to the DNLA server too?


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Having said that the share should not be deleted in this way... I think the wiki should also clearly describe the correct way of removing the share.


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To safely remove the share, delete the configuration file you created in [ModSettings]/NFS or [Modsettings]/SMB and reboot. You can then delete the '[Shares] DO NOT DELETE' folder after checking that there are no active shares within. You have to reboot before deleting the shares folder as the share may still be active after deleting the configuration file, until a reboot has occurred.

Be careful if you have multiple shares set up. As I remember it (please correct me if I am wrong) if you have one share with the parameter 'ShareFolder=on' set, all your shares will be mounted under the '[Shares] DO NOT DELETE' folder. To be on the safe side I made sure the remote devices were switched off before deleting the folder, but this was probably overkill.


It may have been me who found that deleting a READ/WRITE shared would delete the contents of the share on the computer/NAS )
I was glad I always have a backup of my NAS files.

Because of this, I set up a Read/Write share called DO NOT USE OR DELETE (This share is only ever used by myself and not the rest of the family - the point of the read/write share is that it allows you to stop a video and then resume from where it was last stopped)

I also set up a Read Only share called My Video On Server which the family are allowed to use

To remove the Read/Write share, I always make sure I turn off the 'shared' computer/NAS before removing it