Network Shares Automount


If if load custom firmware would Network Shares Automount allow me to navigate folders/files an Sumvision MKV1 Enclosure (linux based Network media player) that is directley connected to my router and is NOT DLNA enbeded. I hope that it will so i can play/view videos stored on the media player on the humax in the bedroom connected via wifi with a Tenda W311U (purchase from ebay/envisage for £5.43 worked straight out of the box).
Havent got back to anyone about "Cant load 1.02.27 firmware on to hdr fox t2" my previous discussion as Im fairly sure that the humax has two intermitant faults on it and I'm awaiting repalcement as it is only 10 days old


Black Hole

May contain traces of nut
If you can network to it from a Windows box (smb) or an OSX box (nfs), then yes something in the toolbox will get it mounted on the Humax.