Networking with Devolo avmini

I've just installed the custom firmware and a couple of packages including Remote Scheduling. I must say that although a little daunting to read about, the actual instal process is very smooth and the interface itself is excellent. I did wonder about the bit in the RS Wiki that reads "Go to the Settings page in your device's local web interface and register with the remote scheduling service". I faffed about in Safari preferences for a while before I realised it referred to the WebIf settings page.

All set now but one issue is that often on switching on the HDR it does not connect to the network, I think because the devolo powerline adaptor goes into standby when the connected device ( ie the HDR ) is switched off. It should wake when the HDR starts but doesn't. It always connects OK when I go through the HDR's settings. All other devices I use wake the devolo's OK - I've tried swapping them around to eliminate any fault in the one unit. So it looks like its the HDR not handshaking or whatever it does on startup.

Obviously if the HDR won't reconnect reliably I can't use remote scheduling. Has anyone else come across this issue? Any suggestions..........?


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Mine is slightly different but with a similar result. My router has an "on demand" function, the internet connection goes into standby (red light after a pre determined number of minutes) and fires up immediately when either computer connects wirelessly. (Huawei HG533)
In this mode the Humax and Sony BD connected via D-Link adapters, when woken up from standby , don't fire up the router. I get around this by setting the router to "always on" mode and as the boxes connect quickly the adapters must be always on, but kind of defeats what I believe is a power saving mode.
My router is always on - its the adapters which sleep. However the adaptor into which my router is plugged never sleeps which makes me wonder whether connecting the HDR to the adaptor via an ethernet switch would help. Ie would the Devolo regard the switch as an active network device and therefore never sleep?

I could also plug my spare Airport Express into the switch to get better coverage in the sitting room. ( I did try using the AE to connect wirelessly to the HDR but found it a bit flaky so went for ethernet ). I'll give that a try.

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makes me wonder whether connecting the HDR to the adaptor via an ethernet switch would help. Ie would the Devolo regard the switch as an active network device and therefore never sleep?
I would guess that connecting the Devolo to a permanently powered switch would keep it 'awake', It's a pity the Devolo doesn't have an 'always-on' mode, but the user guide doesn't show that as an option and it can only be woken from the RJ45 side, not the power line
I've just watched the Devolo during HDR startup. Contrary to what I previously thought the HDR does actually wake it - according to the indicator lights the Devolo is back on line at about the same time the HDR completes startup and displays the TV picture. I can only assume therefore that the HDR is just a bit too quick to decide there is no network. Rebooting the HDR during the 20 mins or so before the Devolo goes to sleep reconnects faultlessly.
So the switch should do the trick.
Early days but the switch seems to do the trick. Connecting it immediately woke the Devolo - leaving it for an hour with no other network activity did not activate sleep. Had a slight hiccup when switching on the HDR to find "network disconnected" but apparently it works better if you remember to plug the cable in!

So far, so good. Now does anyone know if there is a Wake on Lan mod available? I downloaded a pkg which said something about WOL but no info.

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Wake the Humax from a WoL poll? No, not supported in the hardware. The current WoL is for the custom software networking packages to be able to wake an external NAS if it supports WoL, accessed through network shares automount.

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Now does anyone know if there is a Wake on Lan mod available? I downloaded a pkg which said something about WOL but no info.
It is possible to wake-up any item that responds a 'Magic Packet' from the Humax, I have just added some notes to the WiKi HERE, It is also be possible to make this happen automatically each time the Humax is taken out of stand-by


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I'm having this same problem with Devolos. My HDR hasn't been seen by the RS since Sunday morning (when I last took it out of standby). Did the switch cure the problem? I'm off on holiday for 2 weeks in October so I need to fix it.

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I don't understand the "when I last took it out of standby" bit. The box will only communicate with the RS service when it is out of stand-by (or at least half-awake recording something).

The problem with the Devolo power line adapters as discussed above is that they do not seem to establish a network connection, even when the Humax comes out of stand-by, unless forced to do so through the menus. I can't say I have the same problem with my adapters (net-x), and it would not surprise me if the router had something to do with it (mine is O2).


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Sorry Black Hole, I'm new to the HDR and the custom firmware so I might be using the wrong technical expressions!

The HDR hasn't been turned on manually ie from the remote or the front button since Sunday morning and that is the last time the RS saw it. It has recorded programs since then and I set up a reminder at 12:15pm every day along with the 4:30am check. I'm not sure whats happening. Should the RS see the HDR if it records something and at the reminder time?




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I've just checked and the HDR has contacted the RS at 12:15 (my reminder). Looks like its working OK now.

Thanks for the clarification.

I'm having this same problem with Devolos.
Yes, the switch cured the problem immediately. I think what was happening was that on startup the HDR did not wait long enough for the Devolos to come out of standby before deciding the network was not connected. If you go through the system menu you can see that it tries to connect for a longer time so the Devolos do wake.

You can check the Devolos are sleeping by the lights - when sleeping the red power light flashes, the other two are off. If you switch on the HDR when the Devolo is sleeping you will see that it wakes after a few seconds, but obviously too late. A cheap unmanaged switch keeps the Devolo awake all the time so problem solved. It also allows me to connect another Airport Express so improving wifi coverage. Incidentally I tried the HDR with wifi but wire seems much more stable.