New firmware Version 1.03.12 for HDR-FOX T2

Ezra Pound

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Not before time :)

Release note (for Ver 1.03.12) as follows:
• Portal upgrade
• iPlayer Version 3 (supports subtitles)
• Supports BBC News & Sports Apps (to be released March 2014)
• Resolved recordings failures (using Padding) when in standby for over 8 days
• Resolved BBC Three and Four HD recording issues
• Improved WiFi connection issues causing reboot
• Improved errors during EPG FIND results

Graham, could I suggest that the thread title has 'Ver 1.03.12' at the end


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Am I correct in thinking that if I set a daily REMINDER for 20 minutes between 04:20 and 04:40, my HDR will not check for the OTA update?

I don't want to loose my CF functionality until a version is available for this new official firmware. Assume that one will be available that is!


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What about the option to extract a version from a Fox T2 after it has updated over the air?
I believe this is what you did for 1.03.06 and 1.03.11.


Is it worth hanging fire with the OTA update until the custom firmware is updated?

I don't want to lose any functionality if I can help it.


I have every confidence that af123 will do the appropriate I suspect we'll see it within a day of the release going out... :).

Lets hope it's not like some of the other updates from Humax that didn't work. Interesting that they are now supporting the BBC TV apps, News and Sport. All we need now is the ITV, 4 on Demand and Five portals.....


I know af123 is our saviour but he has had a lot on his plate recently so don't want him to feel pressured.

ITV , 4OD & Five would really be worth having.


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It may depend on whether they a downloadable version anywhere...
In principle, would it be possible to extract from the broadcast data stream?
In practice I guess this would be quite hard to do.


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In principle, yes. It's transmitted on a 50Kib/s data stream - the engineering channel - which is a hidden data stream attached to one of the red button channels IIRC. One hurdle is that, in the past, Humax have transmitted updates on the HD MUX only and DVB-T2 tuner cards are still rather expensive.


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One hurdle is that, in the past, Humax have transmitted updates on the HD MUX only and DVB-T2 tuner cards are still rather expensive.
I thought they were on the BBC SD mux. - DTG site confirms HD receiver downloads are on PSB1.
There is nothing on there about the apparent forthcoming download though...


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@AF123: I am happy to let the new version download on to one or two of my units if you want volunteers to help you try out the extraction procedure.