New HDR Fox T2 can't set padding


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I have obtained a new (to me) HDR Fox t2 from eBay. It has some strangenesses, one of which os I can't set up padding.

First the details; -

1TB disk
software FHTCP 1.03.12
Loader a7.33
Update date 7 feb 2014
MICOM version 9.3

When I attempt to set up the padding the 'recording' menu is greyed out and not accessible.

I have also attempted to upload the CF, but it appears the USB stick I am using won't work in boot mode although I am pretty sure I have used another stick from the same batch for this purpose before, but this one isn't empty, although the CF zip file and uncompressed file are the only files in the root directory. Everything else is in folders. It is a 2gb stick. However that isn't the immediate problem, and is one I can sort out later.
Are you sure the box wasn't recording or within 15 minutes of a scheduled recording ? You can't flash the CF from a Zip file you have to extract the .hdf file and this should be the only file in the root of the USB stick.
I don't have any trouble with other files on the UPD, but it's standard advice to try it without if you're having trouble.

I concur - the recording menu being inaccessible is an indication that the device thinks it's recording (or will be soon).
OK, i'll try and access it when I know it is a long way from recording.

But last night it didn't seem to want to record at all, even though Ihad set it to record the news.

Looks like a job for saturday. Just as well my ancient 9200 still works!
I now have the CF loaded and it tells me the disk drive isn't working. That corresponds with what my ears tell me as the drive does about 10 'clonks' (highly descriptive technical term) when booting up.

Next step is to open box and see if cables are all properly seated, power supply voltages correct, and if so then replace disk. I have the disk out of my old unit so can drop that in. It had Cf on it and I had it set up to decrypt everything each night, so should be able to catch up some of the backlog on that.

It doesn't seem to offer to let me do any install of the full webif as it cannot detect a hard disk, but if the install program cannot detect it then I suspect something has died and any disk repair package wouldn't be able to access it anyway.

It did work for a short time on arrival, but now seems to have gone AWOL permanently.
Well, it seems I have a duff 1TB in my 'new' hummy. Put the 500GB out of the old one in it and it seems to run fine.

I can now access the menu to set the padding and all, so everything seems happy.

Now I'll have to find another drive for the old hummy, once I sort out its problems.
You need to wonder why it was being flogged on eBay in the first place. This might prove to be the fault.
Seems like he did and it was. Lucky the seller didn't come here first and fix it himself with help from out experts.