New search can't find most programmes

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New search features looks great......couple a button presses brings up a list of programmes that match
More letters = shorter list until you see what you want
Works very well and is really really fast
That is until you realise it CANT FIND MOST PROGRAMMES???????

EDIT. Actually can't find a lot of programmes on start up but longer it stays on the more successful it gets and can now find programmes it could not find earlier
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It certainly does work on Talking Pictures.
Are you using it correctly?
Cursor down from the search box and OK to search using the entered search term.
Then over to broadcast and there it is.
The search now has two modes of operation and its the *New* mode/feature I am commenting on. This is where it produces a search list as-you-type and this list is not inclusive and seems to exclude some programmes/channels.

If you press down/search (old search) it finds a more inclusive list but still some programmes are not included