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Got my nice new 5000t last week and having a fine time converting myself from PC programs to things called Apps (why not just have a browser App?) and thought I'd found a part solution to listen to internet radio via the 'app'
My LG 'smart' TV has a web browser 'app' and my Panasonic PVR also have access to the internet but the humax also does under it's own way.
How do you access Jazz FM or even regional commercial stations such as Smooth midlands or east midlands? What am I missing?

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'Apps' is just short for 'Applications', and whilst PC 'Applications' are often called 'Programs', they are, and have always been 'Applications' (Apps). 😀

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The term "app" has been coined to mean an accessory application on a mobile device (ie smart-phone or tablet), which I suppose can be extended to any device which is not specifically a work-horse computer (including STBs).

In general computing terms: a "program" is a single-purpose utility, whereas an "application" is more comprehensive such as word processing or graphic design (something which provides the entire working environment for a specific job).

I don't know how that helps the OP though.

How do you access Jazz FM
I don't have a FVP-5000T to refer to, but the Internet Radio app on the HDR-FOX seems easy enough to use:

TV Portal >> Internet Radio >> Search >> "Jazz FM"

...gets a list including "Jazz 98.5 FM" - no idea if that's what you want. You could also try the Category or Country listings.

A personal favourite of mine is "Polskie Radio - W jazzoym klimacie" (a seamless feed of jazz/easy, and not in Polish!).

...or even regional commercial stations such as Smooth midlands or east midlands?
Only stations which specifically provide an "Internet Radio"-compatible feed are available via an Internet Radio app. Smooth Radio is available on Freeview at LCN 718 (not regional, obviously).

If you are saying "Smooth Midlands" is available via a web page but not via Internet Radio, that just means they haven't provided the appropriate feed (or maybe not had it indexed). You have to remember web standards are always shifting, and mainstream browsers are always being updated (and becoming hugely bloated) to cope with them. Trying to put (and maintain) a full-featured browser onto an STB like the FVP would be a fool's errand.
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Thanks to all but I was looking for something more flexible as ''apps' are so rigid. Wjat I was actually looking for was Smooth east midlands which is available on FM locally from Waltham ( midlands version is from Sutton Coldfield and DAB locally and Jazz FM on some areas on DAB. Naturally both on the internet, I've been using their websites as only Smooth London on TV nationally and Jazz FM not even available on DAB.

These are just examples as I use the radioplayer to access internet radio on the 'smart' LG TV


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How do you access Jazz FM or even regional commercial stations such as Smooth midlands or east midlands? What am I missing?
Looking at the Humaxdigital website's FAQs for the FVP-5000T, it uses, or use to be able to use, the same app (Internet Radio) as the HDR-FOX T2.
Can you locate the app on the FVP-5000T?

Internet Radio uses vTuner, but only vTuner's MP3 channels are available with Humax's implementation.

Both Smooth West Midlands and Smooth East Midlands are MP3 and are available through that app. Just tried Smooth East Midlands and the sound appears to be better quality than the freeview non-BBC radio stations.

Unfortunately Jazz FM is AAC and therefore cannot be played through Humax's Internet Radio app.